State League

State League Questions

  1. What is Wisconsin State League?

    • Wisconsin state league provides the highest level of soccer competition in the state.

    • It offers two levels of competition “Premier” and “1st Division”.

    • New teams would enter at the lower level “1st Division” and must earn a spot in the “Premier” division by being one of the top teams in the 1st Division.

  2. When does the season run for state league?

    • State league has both a fall and a spring season through 15U. High school age teams play opposite their high school season (boys spring, girls fall)

    • Each season has a separate application process.

    • Approximately 8 games are played in each season of which half would be home games.

    • The fall season runs from late August to mid-November

    • No games are played on Labor Day weekend.

    • Games are played on the weekend and you could have two games on the same weekend (Saturday & Sunday).

    • Each team is allowed 4 blackout dates for each season.

    • The spring season runs from mid-April to mid-June.

    • Approximately 8 games are played on the weekends.

    • Each team again is allowed blackout dates.

  3. Where are league games played?

    • Half of the league games (4) will be played at home (Kimberly) and the other half (4) could be played in Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton/Neenah, Green Bay, Sheboygan, La Crosse, etc

  4. What level of commitment is expected to play on a state level team?

    • Fall

      • Practice 2 times per week starting mid-August.

      • Play in fall state league (8 games – weekends)

      • 2-3 fall tournaments

    • Winter

      • Indoor Soccer 1-2 sessions recommended not mandatory

      • Practice 1 time per week starting mid February

    • Spring

      • Practice 2 times per week starting mid March

    • Summer

      • Play in spring state league (8 games – weekends)

      • 3-4 tournaments plus State Cup